EDM Designs : Web Design and Development
My Name is Erik De Monte.
Designer. Developer. Freelancer.

My passion lies in creation: The process of designing new, unique and aesthetic graphic interfaces and the translation of these images into a fully functioning user interface for the world wide web.

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With 7 years of design experience, I have worked on projects ranging from campus-wide campaigns, to the marketing office of a food service company, to freelancing as a web designer. My design work includes: web design, mobile and web graphic design, promotional materials (signs, posters, fliers, pamphlets), logos and corporate templates, infographics, book illustrations, t-shirts and more.


In today's society, a strong digital presence is a necessity to stay competitive in any industry. Utilizing my knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, and Ruby on Rails I have built an online presence for various businesses and organizations across the country. My development work includes websites for a non-profit charity organization, a boat charter service on the Great Lakes, a sushi restaurant in New York City and more.


In addition to design work and web development, I also have experience in social media marketing management, SQL/VBA database application, creative promotions planning, and detailed tutorials in areas of my expertise. I believe learning to be an ongoing process and with every new project my breadth of knowledge and expertise continues to grow further.